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Client Benefits

Zero Upfront Cost

Our service requires no immediate payment for properties as we offer deferred billing that provides a grace period of up to 12 months. This will allow properties to increase cash flow from new or renewing tenant contracts before they are billed.

Ancillary Revenue Source

Our services look to enhance the properties of all our clients. The valet trash amenity does just that. It provides a better experience for tenants allowing properties to increase rent prices and create a new revenue stream that increases profits and property value.

Increased Marketability

Our services will provide a competitive advantage for rental properties. The convenience of trash valet will attract new residents and increase resident retention rates for properties. Increases in property NOI, profits, and asset value will also attract property investors.

Improved Curb Appeal

Our services increase the cleanliness of a property. The service includes waste management, common area cleaning, and maintenance to create a cleaner, more inviting complex for tenants, allowing property maintenance to act on more important tasks.

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Tenant Benefits

Cleaner Spaces

Our trained employees will provide waste and cleaning solutions 5 days a week that create cleaner, more refreshing living and common area spaces for tenants.

Hassle Free Waste Removal

Tenants will benefit from our ultimate convenience services. No more worries of the dreaded walk to the dumpster, chute, or curbside to dispose of their trash, but instead, just set it right outside their door.

Extra Security

Our PVS uniformed collectors will act as a crime deterrent during their nightly shifts. If our employees spot any suspicious activity, they will immediately report it to property management or security.

Utilized by Everyone

Unlike most amenities like pools, fitness areas, or business centers, all residents can and will use valet trash. Everyone produces trash waste and can enjoy the amenity of valet door-to-door trash removal.

Benefits: Features
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