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Here at Parliament Valet Services, we want to provide efficient and reliable service for our clients. The Trash Scan app allows for full transparency of our services, providing real-time data and information to properties. This top-of-the-line technology holds residents and our employees accountable by sending direct reports to the complex and our regional managers.

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Trash Scan's geofencing software will notify the property and our team whenever a PVS collector clocks ins upon arrival and clock outs after completing their waste collection. During the collection process, our employees will scan QR code checkpoints providing their exact location in the complex.

During the waste collection process, our employees can easily report resident violations and important observations to the property. The app helps streamline communication keeping our clients informed of waste collection activities and providing real-time service statistics.

Our technology gives property managers visibility to our service as we provide them direct access to our reports and service capabilities. The app is flexible, providing many options for properties to track our service to their preference. This in-depth access gives properties the information needed to be confident and comfortable with PVS.

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